All portable fire extinguishers must meet manufacturing and performance standards and bear the label of an Office of the State Fire Marshal approved Certification Company.


Occupational Safety and Health Standards 1910.157 – Portable fire Extinguishers:

  • 1910.157(e)Inspection, maintenance and testing.

  • 1910.157(e)(1)The employer shall be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and testing of all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace.

  • 1910.157(e)(2)Portable extinguishers or hose used in lieu thereof under paragraph (d)(3) of this section shall be visually inspected monthly.

  • 1910.157(e)(3)The employer shall assure that portable fire extinguishers are subjected to an annual maintenance check. Stored pressure extinguishers do not require an internal examination. The employer shall record the annual maintenance date and retain this record for one year after the last entry or the life of the shell, whichever is less. The record shall be available to the Assistant Secretary upon request.


The certification and licensing for fire extinguishers sold and serviced here in East Texas, ensures that strict standards are met for these life saving devices.

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